Chai tea is a typical Indian tea that has actually been utilized for centuries in Eastern medication to treat lots of ailments and also reinforce the immune system. This tea is made from solid black or eco-friendly tea combined with herbs and also spices.

Chai Tea Benefits

Depending on the mixture that is brewed, there are different advantages of alcohol consumption Chai tea, however, all the mixtures share some common benefits.

1. Common Benefits of Chai Tea

  • Fight Free Radicals. First, chai tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that assists ruin totally free radicals that are believed to be one of the root causes of cancer cells, skin failure, as well as various other disorders.
  • Promote Digestion. Tea of any type of kind can help food digestion yet the right mix of natural herbs and spices in chai tea can raise this favorable benefit.
  • Replace Caffeine. If you require a mug of coffee to obtain begun in the morning, chai tea might provide a much healthier choice. Given that the majority of blends of chai tea have relatively small amount high levels of caffeine, you can still take advantage of a fast pick-me-up without the threats of caffeine.
  • Improve Overall Health. Considering that you can include virtually any flavor or natural herb to the tea, you can mix the certain kind of chai tea to target the particular trouble you are experiencing.

2. Benefits of Different Sorts of Chai Tea

Knowing the advantages of the components in chai tea will certainly assist you choose which certain blend you desire to consume alcohol at any type of time.

  • Cinnamon Chai Tea. Cinnamon is an all-round flavor that could assist fight several problems. If you have a top respiratory system illness such as a cold, try adding some cinnamon to your tea. Cinnamon is additionally believed to aid lower blood glucose and cholesterol and may aid deal with colon cancer. Lots of people swear by cinnamon as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cardamom Chai Tea. Cardamom is a seasoning in the ginger family. Although you may not know with this one, cardamom is a great help to food digestion helping to enhance your metabolism and lower gas and bad breath. This is an additional flavor that is reported to have aphrodisiac properties.
  • Clove Chai Tea. Cloves might be a powerful cure for fungal infections. Utilized routinely, cloves could likewise assist stop fungal ailments. In enhancement to drinking clove chai tea, you could also apply this tea to combat fungal infections on your skin.
  • Black Pepper Chai Tea. Black pepper chai tea assists to eliminate upper respiratory system signs and symptoms and also breast blockage, enhances flow and also metabolism, and also can help ‘sweat out’ a fever.
  • Nutmeg Chai Tea. Nutmeg chai tea is a traditional spiced drink that assists relieve neurological pain. Lots of people advocate nutmeg in order to help keep healthy and balanced kidneys and also immune system.

Chai Tea Recipes

1. Simple Chai Tea


  • Water (2 cups)
  • Tea Leaves or powder (1 Tablespoon)
  • Milk (1/2 cup)
  • Honey (if sweetening is needed)
  • Spice (1/2 – 1 teaspoon of flavor depending on the desired effect)


  1. Boil the water in a frying pan after that reduced the heat and also include the tea leaves.
  2. If desired, add honey or sugar to the mixture and bring the mixture to one more boil.
  3. Add the spice according to the impacts you want to, reduced the warm, as well as permit the mix to brew for around 15 minutes.
  4. Add the milk and bring the combination to a third boil.
  5. Strain the liquid into a mug as well as consume it while it is hot.

2. Ginger Tea

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  • Water (2 cups)
  • Tea leaves or powder (2 tsps)
  • Milk (to taste)
  • Honey or sugar (to taste)
  • Ginger (grate just a small quantity since this natural herb has a strong taste)


  1. Boil the water in a frying pan after that lower the heat and also add the tea leaves or powder.
  2. If you favor your tea a small amount sweeter, add honey or sugar according to your taste. Steam the blend once again for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add the ginger according to your preference, reduced the warm, and permit the mix to make for around 10 minutes.
  4. Strain the liquid right into a mug. Include milk to your taste.
  5. Drink the ginger chai tea while it is hot.

3. Vanilla Tea

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  • Water (4 cups)
  • Black tea leaves or power (1 Tbsp)
  • Whole cloves (3)
  • Cinnamon stick (1)
  • Cardamom pods (3)
  • Whole allspice (3)
  • Honey or sugar (to taste)
  • Milk (to taste)


  1. Bring the water to a complete boil then add the correct amount of tea leaves.
  2. Add honey or sugar if you want to wonderful tea. Add all the seasonings to the water and switch off the heat.
  3. Allow the mix to high for 10 minutes.
  4. Using a tea strainer, pour the liquid into a mug. Add the milk to the mixture.
  5. Enjoy the vanilla chai tea while it is hot.

This recipe makes sufficient tea for someone. If you intend to make tea for greater than someone, just double (or three-way) all the ingredients.

4. Chai Tea Latte

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  • Water (1 cup)
  • Milk (1 cup)
  • Black tea leaves or powder (1 Tablespoon)
  • Cinnamon stick (1)
  • Cloves (3)
  • Black peppercorn pods (3)
  • Nutmeg (small pinch)
  • Orange peel (1 large strip)
  • Honey or sugar (to taste)


    1. This one is a bit various considering that you start with the milk and also water with each other. Pour both the milk and water into a pan and give a gentle boil.
    2. Lower the warm so the blend is not steaming and add all the herbs and spices.
    3. If you want to added sweetness, add honey or sugar.
    4. Bring the mix to a second boil however do not allow the milk to scald.
    5. When it starts to steam, lower the warmth. Brew the mixture for 10 minutes.
    6. Strain the mixture right into a cup and drink it while it is hot.