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Ever given that attempting spaghetti squash for the very first time a few months back and ultimately making it rather much my major vegetable upon choosing veggies without fibery skins or seeds (my body in fact despises any kind of reputable day-to-day intake of fiber in any type of type … I intend on covering the subject of specific variation with things like that quickly too!), I have actually been aiming to perfect – nay, ACCOMPLISH – a method of selecting ones at the store that will certainly transform out best, making the structure and consistency come out right, and also obtaining it to last even more than a day in the refrigerator before transforming right into real garbage.


Buying smaller, deep yellow ones in an effort to not have much remaining to spoil – stringy, soggy, hair-like hairs that disintegrate to mush in a day.

Exerting a degree of effort equivalent to cutting a tree in fifty percent with a blade to reduce a spaghetti squash in fifty percent prior to food preparation arbitrarily.

Cooking for recommended times.

I tried microwave-cooking a few times – actually just makes the fluid inside swimming pool to the part under and makes that area soggy, despite just how much you rotate it evenly.

Immediately scooping out the intestines with forking out the flesh.

Microwaving leftovers to reheat.

Using any type of sauce past a small pinch to offer a bit of flavor.

Now I provide to you – after months on the pastas squash battle bus …


Buy the BIGGEST, PALEST one you can discover, I’m major, you really don’t desire a very ripe one – after that start early in the day so the process could take its time … don’t fret, it’s mainly you doing nothing.

Using a large blade, stab plenty of openings all over, hard sufficient to mostly penetrate – the most significant emphasis throughout this whole procedure is lowering moisture as long as feasible as well as it starts here.

Cook at 350, turning one quarter every 7 minutes for a total of 28 mins. Take it out and place on a cake rack if you have one, or just have another stove rack to set across the range to offer the exact same purpose, and forget it for a while.

Once you observe it’s cooled, halved, place paper towels under the cooling apparatus to catch seeds/guts, put the fifty percents upside-down to cool down additionally and let the wetness seep from the flesh a little bit, and also forget it again.

Come back later on, scratch out the unusable intestines from the facility (remember to maintain the seeds for toasting! Simply place them on a splashed piece of aluminum foil, period, and also brownish in the oven – don’t also need to clean them initially), spray salt on the halves to draw out moisture, load the vacant centers with paper towels, position a paper towel flat on the air conditioning surface, put the fifty percents back face-down, and forget regarding them yet once more while more moisture is drawn out.

When you prepare to hand over the completed product, eliminate the paper towels, and also the surface of the flesh ought to be quite completely dry. Obtain the big container you intend on storing it in, with line the entire thing with a charitable layer of paper towels to constantly absorb wetness, after that sprinkle more salt under. Now reach forking all the flesh out right into strands into the container – given that the squash had not been gotten very ripe and had not been prepared as long as generally recommended, it will be a bit harder, but well worth it since the structure will certainly be better, it will be far more extensive since it isn’t soaked, with it will actually last in the refrigerator. Complete one half, include even more salt, mix it well, complete the second half, even more salt, mix again, with you’re done. Leave it out exposed for the remainder of the day to further urge drying.

When you intend on having the leftovers, take the container out (leave that paper towel cellular lining in there until the leftovers are all passed the method!) with let it de-chill on the counter for a couple of hours, due to the fact that you truly can’t reheat spaghetti squash for a lot longer than 20 secs or so without it seeming to thaw into soup and also reduce way down to nothing, so you’ll want to get it as near to ‘warm up’ as feasible prior to consuming. Heat any active ingredients you intend to add ADDITIONAL well separately, then include it, and DO N’T use sauce or various other liquids to taste, as this is just even more moisture that will soggify the spaghetti squash. I will certainly do a spoonful of salsa at many usually, or even that is only non-harmful when the squash is still really fresh. Usage completely dry flavors like spices or cheese – fortunately is spaghetti squash handles taste very well so you will not miss sauce, and it won’t be a dry meal since spaghetti squash is notoriously moist after all these anti-moisture precautions.

Take-Home Message

I understand this was really in-depth however like I stated, I spent months reaching this final thought of combined variables! NOW, GO FORTH WITH PROSPER, IT’S TIME FOR A PASTA SQUASH REVOLUTION!