low glycemic dietDifferent diseases are caused by different reasons. Over-acidity or acidosis is generally the usual reason for many degenerative diseases consisting of osteoporosis. Nutritional experts agree that acidosis issues of dietary deficiencies connected with today’s acidic foods and also diet.

The human body immune system, body metabolic process and physiology function their maximum to keep life as well as ensure the body pH degrees are a little alkaline. This is why healthy and balanced blood pH degrees are within the array of 7.35 and also 7.45. Anything past or listed below the maximum pH zone causes a progressive wear and tear of body important features as well as advancement of degenerative diseases like weakening of bones over time.


Acidosis is a problem where too much acids accumulate about and also in cells as well as is very hazardous for the specific cells as well as body. When in acidosis, your body works to eliminate or reduce the effects of the excess acids through its primary regulative protection systems. It first removes excess acid with peeing, blood circulation, breathing and also sweating.

The remaining acids build up in the body and also winds up making use of and also diminishing the body’s mineral alkaline reserves. This is when calcium is especially leached out first from the soft cells as well as blood and after that from the cartilage material, bones and teeth to ultimately lead to osteoporosis.

This is why it’s important you keep your body alkaline for optimal health by complying with an alkaline diet regimen. This diet makes up of 80% alkaline-producing foods and not greater than 20% of acid-producing foods which safeguards the bones’ calcium contents.

Research and studies

Research conducted by the Journal of Medical Endocrinology and Metabolism, acidic diets based on phosphoric acid, cereal as well as healthy protein represented the loss of bone mineralization. Nonetheless high alkaline diet regimens with fruits, minerals and also vegetables help safeguard the bones from calcium loss.

As lots of fruits as well as veggies are high in mineral citrate content, and raw food has even more potassium citrate, foods like bananas, apricots, melons, oranges, tomatoes and also citrus fruits need to be included in your diet.

Research was additionally carried out to discover if the intake of alkaline substances would certainly lead to a loss of bone calcium. The outcomes were favorable where the researchers figured out that bicarbonate plays a fundamental part in the excretion of bone calcium. This thus recommends it’s especially essential for older individuals to increase the alkali content of their diet to shield their bones from calcium reduction.

Additional researches were accomplished at Johns Hopkins University where it was located that potassium citrate was essential at boosting skeletal health and wellness. Scientists also noted that dietary acid intake due to the typical Western diet plan had a fantastic effect on the skeletal system as it upset the body’s calcium metabolic process. Outcomes showed that potassium citrate could neutralize excess body acid to improve calcium balance.


Moreover consuming even more of alkaline foods helped lower the danger of bone troubles like bone loss, bone cracks and weakening of bones which developed due to the fact that of calcium shortage. We have to be worried concerning protecting against weakening of bones which can lead to bone cracks, which subsequently leads to loss of mobility and subsequent seclusion and decreased mental, emotional and also physical health and wellness. This is most ideal as well as naturally done by improving bone wellness by adhering to an alkali diet regimen with even more alkaline foods.